Shoulder and Elbow Injuries

Shoulder Injury Attorney in Orange County

Shoulder and elbow injuries are very common injuries workers suffer on the job, whether from a sudden work accident, or as a long-term result of repetitive and strenuous movements such as carrying, pulling, lifting, reaching or pushing. Shoulder and elbow injuries can take a long time to heal and may even require surgery. Sometimes, arm functions may never be the same again after such injuries or surgeries resulting from such injuries. Physical therapy or functional restoration therapy can be a long process and it may take several weeks to months before you can return to work or enjoy physical activities in your personal life

Elbow Injury Attorney in Orange County

Have you suffered an elbow or shoulder injury either on the job or as a result of someone else’s carelessness? If so, you understand the pain and extended recovery period involved in such an injury. From dealing with chronic pain associated with your injury to missing out on days, weeks and in some cases even months of work, it can be a long and frustrating recovery process. If you’ve found yourself in the unfortunate position after sustaining a shoulder or elbow injury, you may be entitled to medical and financial benefits through the California workers’ compensation system. The aggressive and ethical attorneys at the Workers’ Compensation Attorney Group in Orange County can help today!

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