Filing a Claim

Filing a Workers Compensation Claim

Don’t hesitate when it comes to taking action after suffering workplace injury. Urgency is essential when it comes to filing a claim, and the work comp attorneys at the Workers’ Compensation Attorney Group in Orange County can guide you guide you and file your work injury claim on your behalf.

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Employers in the State of California are required to file a claim with their insurance providers within 24 hours of a workplace injury. Failure to do so opens up the employers to failing to be compliant with the workers compensation laws in California. When an employers does not file a claim within the appropriate time frame, it can be an important warning sign that the business or its insurance company are not willing to compensate you fairly. When you have a skilled workers’ comp lawyer in California at your side, you can rest assured that your rights will be protected and fought for.

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The experienced and ethical workers comp lawyers at the Workers’ Compensation Attorney Group in Orange County are committed to getting you the medical attention and financial compensation that you deserve. Are you confused about the claim filing process and what your potential benefits could be? Get in contact with our team of aggressive workers comp attorneys in Orange County today and they’ll make sure to not only educate you, but to also support you every step of the way.

How Do I File a Claim?

If you have recently been injured on the job and have yet to file a claim, don’t delay any longer and contact the Workers’ Compensation Attorney Group in Orange County today. Our work injury lawyers can help you file your claim on your behalf and take the burden and stress you claim has been causing you. Equally as important as filing a claim in a timely manner is filing is correctly, which our work injury lawyers will ensure as they carefully analyze and work through the details of your case. The importance of filing a claim as soon as possible after a workplace accident is an important step towards the success of your case, so don’t delay and pick up the phone today to get the help you need. Remember, people who hire an experienced work injury lawyer are more likely to receive immediate medical treatment and maximum financial benefit under the law.

What Happens After I’ve Filed a Claim?

Reporting your injury then filing a workers’ compensation claim with your employer is the first step towards receiving the medical attention and financial benefits you deserve. But simply filling out a claim is not enough by itself. Once your claim is filed, the work injury attorneys at the Workers’ Compensation Attorney Group in Orange County will take the next step in ensuring your success: filing an application for adjudication of your claim.

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Adjudication is the legal process of dispute resolution in which the judge reviews arguments and evidence by opposing parties in order to reach a decision that ultimately determines obligations, rights, and costs between the disputing sides. This important step of the legal process takes your case beyond just an incident filed on paper and into the courtroom. In this next step your case will get assigned a case number and will be helped in preserving the statute of limitations, which is the deadline for filing a claim after you’ve been injured on the job. Injuries not reported in a timely manner may be subject to denial when you seek to claim your workers compensation benefits.

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If this process seems confusing or overwhelming, remember that you are not alone. Not knowing where to turn or who to trust in times of injury and confusion can be scary, but rest assured that you have the work injury attorneys at Workers’ Compensation Attorney Group of Orange County on your side if you chose to retain one of our ethical and experienced work comp lawyers. All you have to do is pick up the phone to schedule free, no-obligation consultation to see how our work comp lawyers can turn this difficult time into a productive and healing experience for you. Call now (714) 548-3294. No recovery, no fee, which means if our lawyers don’t win your case, then you don’t pay!